We have been contacting anyone we have done a CofA (Certificate of Approval Air) for to inform them there must be an amendment done to the existing CofA when converting to a waterbase paint product (or any other product than you originally applied for).

Emissions Assessment:
If you have changed to the new water-based products after the current Approval was issued, a revised Emissions Summary and Dispersion Modelling report must be submitted. It is recognized that the new paints have fewer contaminants of concern and should likely meet any applicable standards, but the application process will verify compliance with the emission standards.

Beyond Compliance
If your Company has taken the initiative to convert its painting operation over to the more environmentally friendly water-based coating materials. This amendment to the original CofA must be completed for you to retain compliance.

Since you are an existing client, we will not be charging our usual fee because we already have your information, such as site plan, letters of permission, stack parameters, site visit etc., on file.

We will do all the required paperwork and calculations, submit to the Ministry and will remain your Technical Consultant until the issuing of the amended CofA.

You have received this information because we would like to see you get you back into compliance as soon as possible. The Ministry can revoke your existing CofA if you are in non-compliance.

To proceed, reach me by phone or email and I will be happy to assist you.

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