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Mission Statement:

CR Permits is dedicated to satisfying our customers needs for all your permit requirements.

Service Overview:

Since 1986, we have offered a full line of quality permit work. From Health and Safety start up reviews, as well as City Building permits and shop layout; planning, CR Permits is your one stop company for all your Provincial and Regional compliance issues.

Customer Benefits:

CR Permits is pleased to invite you to try the best consulting company in today's marketplace. Let your permits be our concern. We have partnered with companies who can retrofit to meet the Ministry of Environment  requirements. This includes equipment cleaning, factory flow specification settings, increasing stack height, supplying and installing velocity cones and any other required work.

Competitive Advantages:

With a full range of 'on board' testing equipment and computerized dispersion modelling, we can meet all your needs for 'state of the art' compliance and testing. From emission requirements to maximizing your product usage, CR Consulting is set apart from the competition.

Technological Capabilities:

With the stringent requirements of The Ministry of the Environment and the technology of today's paint systems, you can rely on the fact that we are equipped with the tools and test instruments to solve each individual requirement and make sure you are compliant.

Strategic Alliances:

By coordinating closely with many key player companies, you are assured you are dealing with the best consultants in the marketplace today.

Company News:

We have partnered with a company that manufactures a paint gun monitoring system and filter condition monitoring.
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Why not learn the true meaning of a 'customer oriented' company!

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